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Buy Lists

Invidica provides pre-made buys lists so you no longer need to spend hours sorting through what to sell

Online Selling Made Easy


We source directly from brands so you don’t have to!

  • We have 30,000+ profitable listings, giving you a competitive advantage.
  • We curate buy lists to maximize your ROI.

How to get started

  • Create your Amazon seller account.
  • Purchase your buy list ($1k min).
  • Watch your revenue grow!

Streamlined selling

  • No logistics or customer support.
  • No inventory to handle.
  • No advertising costs.


Over $4M generated for our sellers!

“eCommerce can be complicated, but Invidica made it easy”
— Josh (Sales Manager)

“...Invidica has been a game changer for me ... You don’t need to worry about storing inventory or handling shipping logistics ... which is a huge relief for anyone starting out in eCommerce.”
— Raymond (Supply Chain @ Retailer)

"The Robinhood of eCommerce!"
— Karen (Reseller)

"Lets me side hustle while leading my company."
— Bert (COO/Reseller)

"Cat. Cat. Cat."
— Cat (Cat)

"I can focus on growth instead of resellers."
— William (Brand Owner)

"I would waste so much time pouring over data I painstakingly entered into Sheets... I almost stopped reselling."
— Paul (Reseller)

"Easy money!"
— Veronica (Reseller)

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